• Our proposals

We propose to replace our outdated facilities at Parkside with both a new city centre police station and a police hub on the outskirts of Cambridge. Together these will meet the county’s growth and respond to the challenges of modern-day policing. New facilities are needed to improve our response and service to you. Without them, tackling crime will become more difficult.

Details of the final sites for both the city centre police station and the hub will be subject to the outcome of this consultation on the principle of the service change proposals.

A new Cambridge city centre police station

We know that maintaining a station and presence in the city centre is important. We are therefore proposing to maintain a site to focus on the priorities received in feedback from last year’s public survey:

  • Help to deliver city centre policing through our community policing team, who will be based at this station.
  • Maintain a public facing enquiry office for you to access information, speak to officers, and report crime.
  • To deliver an overseas registration function on site.

A new police hub on the outskirts of Cambridge

To meet population growth to the south, the changing nature of crime and policing, and to replace the outdated facilities at Parkside, we are proposing to build a new police hub. Although the new location is to be decided, the options will provide a number of benefits:

  • The hub will help us investigate complex crime more easily: Enhanced facilities will enable us to respond to, and investigate, complex crimes such as fraud and online investigations more effectively.
  • The hub will help speed up the court appearance process: Enhanced facilities will allow for the increased use of virtual courts. This means there will be less of a need to travel to court for sentencing, improving the average time from charge to first hearing.
  • The hub will maximise time for police on patrol: Increased cell provision from 12-24 will help meet current and future demand, allowing officers to return to frontline duty sooner rather than transporting or waiting for an available cell for detainees. The location of the final site will have better road access than the city centre, be subject to less traffic, and will enable officers to respond to calls for service more efficiently.
  • The hub will deliver neighbourhood policing for the south to meet the increase in population and housing.
  • The hub will help the recruitment and retention of staff with the new building providing an enhanced working environment with natural light (particularly within custody). Better design will also reduce health and safety risks to staff, visitors and detainees.
  • The hub will maintain dignity, privacy and respect ensuring those dealing with mental or physical issues receive assessment in a more comfortable setting.